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Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ....striving together as one for the faith of the Gospel.

Philippians 1:27 NIV


Hi! Welcome to Studio 27 Developers! My name is Candis Wasell. I'm a certified Front-End Web Developer through Free Code Camp, and an aspiring Full Stack Javascript Develper. You are welcome to browse my projects to see what I'm currently working on. Thank you for visiting!


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap3, SASS, React.js, ES2015, D3.js, SVG

Future skills include: Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

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Front-End Projects:

Repose Ranch

Updated, redesigned and mobile-friendly website for our family farm

Quote Generator

Randomly generates a quote with option to tweet quote

Pomodoro Timer

Fun timer, based on Pomodoro time management technique

Weather App

Get your current weather by search

JavaScript Calculator

A real working calculator!

Wikipedia Viewer

Search Wikipedia for anything or ask for a random article :)

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Try to beat the computer in this game of Tic Tac Toe!

Simon Game

Based on classic Simon Game

React.js Projects:

Markdown Previewer

This project renders GitHub-flavored Markdown
Features: React.js and SASS

Camper LeaderBoard

Free Code Camp recent and all-time leading campers
Features: React.js and SASS

Recipe Box

A Recipe box that you can make your own...
Features: React.js and SASS

Game Of Life

Classic Game of Life
Features: React.js and SASS

Dungeon Crawler

A Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler...
Defeat the boss on level 4!
Features: React.js and SASS

D3.js Projects:

Bar Chart

Displays U.S. Gross Domestic Product from 1946 to 2015
Features: React.js, SASS and D3.js

Scatterplot Graph

Represents Doping in Professional Cycling
Features: SASS and D3.js

Heat Map Graph

Covers average global temperature between 1753 and 2015
Features: React.js, D3.js and SASS

Force-Directed Graph

Displays National Contiguity on a force-directed graph
Features: D3.js

World Map

Displays meteor strikes all over the world
Features: SASS, Topojson and D3.js

Back-End Microservices:

GitHub repo
Converts time into unix and human readable format
Features: Node.js and Express.js
Request Header
Parser Microservice
GitHub repo
Gets users ip address, user-agent and language
Features: Node.js and Express.js
Url Shortener
GitHub repo
Shortens a given url and redirects to original url...
Features: Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB
Image Search
GitHub repo
Searches Google Images and returns image urls with alt text. Also returns a JSON list of recent searches.
Features: Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB
File Metadata
GitHub repo
Upload a file and see the size of the file (in bytes) in a JSON response.
Features: Node.js and Express.js


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