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Hi! Welcome to Studio 27 Developers! My name is Candis Wasell and I am a junior Front-End Developer. My skills include HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, D3.js and React.js. I actively maintain 3 websites and have developed several JavaScript projects over the last 5 years. I love learning new things and developing my skills in coding. I also love helping others learn to code through answering questions on forums and my coding blog on Medium. On a personal note, I also love cooking, baking, reading, drawing, helping to run my family's dairy goat farm, and there really is nothing like a good cup of tea or coffee. I hope you take some time to browse the projects I've worked on. Thank you for visiting!


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap 3 & 4, SASS, React.js, ES2015, D3.js, SVG, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

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Front-End Projects:

Completely re-designed my Dad's fishing website for mobile friendliness and an updated look... Built with Bootstrap 4

Repose Ranch

Updated, redesigned and mobile-friendly website for our family farm

Quote Generator

Randomly generates a quote with option to tweet quote

Pomodoro Timer

Fun timer, based on Pomodoro time management technique

Weather App

Get your current weather by search

JavaScript Calculator

A real working calculator!

Wikipedia Viewer

Search Wikipedia for anything or ask for a random article :)

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Try to beat the computer in this game of Tic Tac Toe!

Simon Game

Based on classic Simon Game

React.js Projects:

Markdown Previewer

This project renders GitHub-flavored Markdown
Features: React.js and SASS

Recipe Box

A Recipe box that you can make your own...
Features: React.js and SASS

Game Of Life

Classic Game of Life
Features: React.js and SASS

Dungeon Crawler

A Rogue-like Dungeon Crawler...
Defeat the boss on level 4!
Features: React.js and SASS

D3.js Projects:

Bar Chart

Displays U.S. Gross Domestic Product from 1946 to 2015
Features: React.js, SASS and D3.js

Scatterplot Graph

Represents Doping in Professional Cycling
Features: SASS and D3.js

Heat Map Graph

Covers average global temperature between 1753 and 2015
Features: React.js, D3.js and SASS

Force-Directed Graph

Displays National Contiguity on a force-directed graph
Features: D3.js

World Map

Displays meteor strikes all over the world
Features: SASS, Topojson and D3.js

Back-End Microservices:

GitHub repo
Converts time into unix and human readable format
Features: Node.js and Express.js
Request Header
Parser Microservice
GitHub repo
Gets users ip address, user-agent and language
Features: Node.js and Express.js
Url Shortener
GitHub repo
Shortens a given url and redirects to original url...
Features: Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB
Image Search
GitHub repo
Searches Google Images and returns image urls with alt text. Also returns a JSON list of recent searches.
Features: Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB
File Metadata
GitHub repo
Upload a file and see the size of the file (in bytes) in a JSON response.
Features: Node.js and Express.js


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